Gilmore GirlsThe reign of Lorelai Gilmore is still in session even though Gilmore Girls went off air 8 years ago now. I still consider Lorelai my queen regardless of how much you publicise Beyonce’s ass. For those of you who don’t know, Gilmore Girls was a tv show based on mother-daughter relationships, small town living and life. But it is not just a TV show, it is a way of life. It is about coffee and pro/con lists and a battle of the classes and food and an abundance of pop culture references that no one quite grasped the first time they watched it.  I understand it is the marmite of TV shows and things got a little nutty when Luke had a daughter and Lorelai married Christopher but my love for it will never fade. There are just a few things I really can’t quite grasp;

1. How did Lorelai/Rory not get fat? Or at least spots?

2. When did Lane and Dave break up? He was the love of her life when Mrs. Kim wanted to send him a jug and then two episodes later she was in love with Zach?

3.How did they not re-use names for Emily’s maids?

4.What happened to Alex?! Dude was hot.

5. Logistically how did Morey and Babettes relationship function?

6. Why was everyone so obsessed with March Of The Penguins and Anvils

7. JESS OR LOGAN? JESS OR LOGAN?!!!!!!! It would never be Dean? She wouldn’t go back there again, right?! JESS OR LOGAN PEOPLE!

8. In what world did April and Luke have the same nose?

9. If Miss Patty had all these husbands why did she never have a love-story?


11. Why did Colin and Finn not have a spin off series? We could have followed them as they drank their way through Australia!

12. Why on earth did Paris choose doctor over lawyer? She was the Best. Arguer. Ever.

13. How old is Zach? He never went to school or worked or anything? What was up with that? And where can I buy his ‘hit’ song?

14. Rory and Dean circa 2004 needs more explaining.

15.What happened to Jess between California- Stars Hollow – New York –Philadelphia?!

16. Who actually got Rory back to Yale?

17. Did Kirk ever move out of his mothers house?

18. How many ‘events’ and ‘festivals’ were there in Stars Hollow per year?

19.  How were Paris and Rory such adults in their first year at Yale? Like they made phone calls and slept with professors and handled life?! I thought the first year at university just included a lot of alcohol and not much else? (this is only half a joke)

These are just things I need to know in life. These are the things that keep me up at night which is both depressing and wonderful depending on what kind of day I’ve had. I understand that if you’ve never heard of Gilmore Girls, I’ve just chucked a load of names and useless information at you, but it also means you have not lived.]

originally posted 16/01/2015


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