Welcome To Finding Graceland

Well, hello there.

Welcome to the new and -with any luck- improved Finding Graceland. Maybe this time around, we’ll actually find her.

I decided to take the leap of faith and spring the whole £22 for my own domain. We’ll see how well I keep this blog up and then maybe, depending on what my next pay cheque looks like, I’ll splurge for the premium package. I don’t actually know what the premium package consists of and whether it’s worth it for the money or I’m just gunna fork out to be given a new font. Dilemas.

Its taken me ages to set this up because a) I’m a technological nightmare b) what the actual fuck is a widget and c) I can’t make a decision. Like, ever.  I just wanted a new blog and to start over with it because I was never really happy with how the old one looked and there were no opportunities for expansion and I got pretty inconsistent with it. I’m going to chalk it up as my first pancake; the pan was too hot and the batter was too thin so I’m going to throw it away and cross my fingers for the second attempt.

The other reason I was awful at posting there is because I suffer from GAD which is something I just won’t talk about, but it means I build things up inside my head and my coping mechanism is to just push them away and delete them from my mind. A system that I probably developed out of necessity but now completely runs my life.  I turned the first blog into one of those things that I could just forget about and I didn’t have to deal with it, which of course is still totally true, but it is something I want to do, I just punish myself in order to cope. Regardless, I am here; I am ready to Find Graceland.

By now, I should have gotten my arse into gear and re-post all of ramblings so that should give you a very basic outline of what I’m like, what this blog will be like and how utterly useless I am as a human being. I hope you enjoy it and keep up with my mental ramblings and thank-you for even reading this much.

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UK Student and Lifestyle Blogger. Coffee Snob. Adventure Lover. Book Reader. Gilmore Girls Aficionado.

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