Fuck Yeah Prosecco and Careers

This post is based on a conversation I had with two of the most amazing and my most favourite strong independent women that don’t need no man. I would love to just post the conversation because it is INCREDIBLE, but it would make absolutely no sense to any of you.

The three of us are very different. If we had a TV show it would be one of those ‘Strong Female Lead’ shows in which all the girls are different but still best friends. It would be a tv show I would watch, pretty much. It would be comical with sarcastic, cynical Sally (me), sassy but sweet Sophie and small and secretly scary Susie. We would all be career seeking and SUCEEDING ladies in professions so far apart ayres rock could fit between them (So gunna day dream about that on the train now just FYI)

We are all striving for different things and we’ve all taken completely different routes to get there. The all illusive ‘there’ being the place we’re happy with our lives. The ones we created solely for ourselves; the careers before babies and the houses before marriages and the wonderfully selfish people we get to be before new eras. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the three of us will take completely different routes with that part of our lives, too, but the point is right at this very moment all three of us know what we want and we are on our way to getting it.

How shitting incredible is that!

I have known for five-ish years what I want to do with my life. I could picture it, I could see 7am breakfast meetings with authors and big shit ass scary meetings with marketing about budgets and how many copies to run first print; but that is all the end result. The getting there part is what I have been trying to work out.

As the baby of group, and the unreliable one, and the irresponsible one, and pretty much the all-round useless one, I came late to the “real-life” party. I’m probably still on my way in actually, I was having too many pre-drinks, no doubt. My two other SIW’s (strong independent women) are a lot more focused that I am and much more brave. They both jumped into professions and routine the moment school finished and they’re handling it beautifully. I envy and admire them. I did not get up and get the ball rolling the second after school finished. I wallowed in my hangover and chose to do something different.  But I’ve decided how I want to get ‘there’ now, I’ve accepted that the path will experience twists, turns and bumps and change at my every whim and wish like it already has, I’ve put the plan in motion, things are happening  and we’re all on our way. I am still, in typical Grace fashion, taking the alternative route, but it suits me and it means I get to be happy now as well as ‘there’.

Struggling with who you are is something that gets a lot of print, but struggling with what you want is so understated. ‘what you want’ is the journey and ‘who you are’ is the result of that. I want Prosecco at lunch after a month of working solid because I fucking deserve it. I want to celebrate a promotion or even the smallest of steps in the right direction because I fucking worked for it.  I aimed for it and I hit my target.


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