18 Things They Don’t Tell You About Long Distance Friendships


It’s one of life’s cruel jokes when someone who is so meant to be a part of your life is so far away and more people should be insanely jealous of your incredible-life-long-your-children-will-call-me-auntie-friendship and people just need to know:

1.The audio-visual problems of  skype become the bane of your existence

2.Those weird alien people who prefer Samsung and can’t face time *face palm*

3.Postage prices make Christmas/birthday presents redundant. Its legit cheaper to fly there and hand deliver it

4.Emojiis = emotion/understanding/empathy/pretty much everything. You realise that you can have entire conversations consisting of 10 words and 84 emojiis. Particularly sassy girl and praise the lord hands.

5.You spend four months scouring the internet for cheap flight deals and then remember that it cost a billion trillion pounds to get to the airport anyway

6.You create more long distance friends by visiting the existing LDF. It’s a vicious circle.

7.Answering how you know them 5,000 times in a 72 hour visit

8.Answering who you’re passionately texting at 1am on Saturday and nobody believing you when you say it’s a friend, not a romantic interest

9.Bored or spontaneous hanging out or adventures do not exist

10.Fantasizing about living together happens just to lessen the pain of currently being so far apart. But. It. Will. Happen…once you’ve got your life in order

11.Fan girling and freak outs are not quite the same level as they are in person

12.But some of the texts/messages are just so amazing they’re frame-worthy

13.Expressing your love for them is always assumed as a drunk message even when it’s not

14.Facetime froze again, FFS

15.You’ll be so heart broken when you find things out over facebook before they told you. It’s just as heart breaking to post things without telling them first.

16.You thought that group chat would simplify everything so you weren’t repeating yourself to all your friends? Think Again!

17.You can’t share clothes or borrow books or nail varnish or anything. Life gets a whole lot more expensive

18.You’ll sometimes go a while without talking, but it never means anything except you’re growing up.


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