10 Things To Do With The Rest Of My Year

We talk about freshers like it was a year ago, flatmate farting is a-okay, inside jokes have been established, the hunt for a house is on, my procrastination game is strong and deadlines are looming- it must mean my first semester at uni is almost over.

What can I say about it? Not much that can be repeated.

No, I joke of course, but I truly do not know how to describe it, I enjoy the fact that I now understand those ‘uni life’ posts, (on the other hand, I miss being able to afford life, even though I can’t remember the last time I could afford life.)

But those posts, they’re spot on. You truly do learn that 20p noodles taste just as good as 80p ones, you fine tune your ability to hold in your hangover puke because you’re half way through a lecture, you learn what fire alarms to get up for, what ones will pass, you know the rules to every drinking game off by heart before you know your deadline dates and what days you truly do deserve a take-away pizza because life is just a bit much….and you totally are judged for your accent.

This post seems really reflective all of a sudden and not going in the direction I expected it would, I sort of feel that’s appropriate though. It’s December 1st today. The year is almost over. I’m sort of proud of this year. However, I’ve already got a potentially unrealistic list of expectations and plans for next year. Not one of which has been properly put into action yet- would I be me if they were though? There is of course the very real possibility I’ll have a shit-fit the day before essays are due, chuck this uni lark out the window and bugger off to live in Peru for a couple of years.

If I decide to stick with this particular pursuit of higher education though, I’ve compiled a little list of things I’d like to do/achieve in the remains of this academic year:

1.Get a bloody job. Preferably not one that is degrading- shout out to you dirty disco gals- or disgusting. If a girl is aloud to dream, it would ideally be in a book shop or something involving admin. My aspirations are clearly top notch. My standards are not.

2.Go On a City Break. I want something to look forward to, and everyone I live with is from somewhere different or cool and I just really want to go somewhere new again.

3.Get At Least A 2:1. I say at least…I want a first over all.

4.Be Published in Student Publication: I want to try my hand writing for the newspaper or magazine. I think writing lifestyle-esque pieces or profiles or something….anything. I personally think my mental ramblings and opinions on drinking or feminism or food or mental and emotionally breaking down like a divorcee would be very well received amongst the student population.

5.ROAD TRIP. In MY Car. I’d like to drive to Edinburgh, but I think petrol costs would be a bit too much. I have no idea why but the last couple of months I’ve been obsessed with Edinburgh, I sort of think I might want to end up there. But yeah, road trip…maybe somewhere I can climb a mountain. Got a thing about climbing mountains at the moment. Logical for someone who is incapable of standing on solid, even ground.

6.Get A Bloody House Sorted. I tend to fail at organising my own life. However, I seem to have taken on the role of organising a house for myself and six other people next year, which I find flat out laughable. But yeah…me…six guys…watch this space.

7.OPERATION SUMMER. I want to do something this summer. I want to work for a publishing house or intern at a printer or a magazine or SOMETHING. Anything. If I spend the better part of three months bumming about at home, I’ll off myself.

8.Save money. Again, this is dependent on item 1…as saving money in my current fiscal situation is currently as laughable as my love life.

9.Go see my Uncle Jeff. I’ve probably seen him for about 20 minutes in the last 2 years. He lives in the most beautiful guest house in Brittany, France near St. Malo. From Portsmouth you can get an overnight ferry straight into St. Malo and I’m just desperate to go. I haven’t been since 2011.

10.I can’t currently come up with a tenth item, but leaving it with just nine felt untidy. I could come up with some elaborate expectation about regular updates on this blog. But lets be real. The job looks more promising.

Thats it. Thats all I want. I’m easily pleased me (winky face that suggests I’m obviously joking) I want to do all that and keep up my repoire of scraping my reading list, maintaining my reign of the liam smith game*, enjoying my spurs of lets-get-shit-done motivation, and getting through a series of Friends every weekend. Heres to next semester. (And next loan…obviously)



*liam smith game© is a drinking game that will destroy every human ever. It is patented by JW6-17.


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