15 Things I Miss About My Pre-Uni Life

So, as you may already be aware of, I don’t like conventions. I don’t do things in the normal order, and that’s not me being painfully indie or a convention-opression-fighting feminist, it’s just how I’ve done things. I tend to do them a little bit backwards, the whole going to uni thing for example.

For all those newcomers out there, I mucked about, fucked up, ‘worked’ for 2 years before actually coming to Uni. I finished sixth form in the May of 2013 (wtf three years ago- ARE YOU SURE?!) and started uni in September 2015. I think my favourite way I’ve ever described that little blip in between was “I was late to the party because I was having too many pre-drinks.” During that period, I was living day-to-day, payday-to-payday and it wasn’t the BEST time of my life, but there are a few things I miss about my pre-student days:

  1. Employment. Not even just for money, for some kind of structure to my weekends, evenings, life etc.
  2. There was no expectation to be going out-out. When you have a job, you have an excuse not to club. I don’t club very well.
  3. DISPOSABLE INCOME. I’m not talking buckets, but an ASOS order every month or so would make my life a little bit shinier.
  4. Meal-Deal guilt. £3 is not a lot of money. But I beat myself up for like a week after buying a meal deal at Sainsburys because I just shouldn’t have. I should have made a sandwich and taken it in for lunch. So basically unnecessary spending guilt.
  5. Nice booze. I worked with Alcohol, in fact, I’m a bit of an Alcohol snob. Now, it’s paint stripper all the way.
  6. Actually deserving to stay in bed for a couple of extra hours, rather than doing it just because you can.
  7. In the working world, 20 is a baby. A “pup” as I’ve been called before (but it made me sooooo mad.) Being a fresher and 20? I’m practically decrepit.
  8. Stationary has become boring and compulsory and it takes the fun out of Paperchase when you’re thinking about the practicality of each notebook ngl.
  9. A fully equipped kitchen with culinary basics like flour and a FLIPPIN’ SPICE AND SEASONING CUPBOARD.
  10. The assumptions that come along with ‘Student’. I feel the need to explain why I’m different.
  11. Feeling like you need a break and then the entire world being like pffft what do YOU need a break from?!
  12. A sofa. I did a little hand-clap thing when I went home at Christmas and saw adverts on the telly. I miss adverts and sitting in a living room with other people and being cosy. It’s either bed, desk chair or kitchen and it’s not the same.
  13. Buying books was a leisure experience, actually it was- is- one of my favourite activities in the entire world. Now, it is accompanied by guilt of what you should be reading and not what you want to read.
  15. The traumatic ultimatum of food vs the rest of life. If you have good food, you can’t afford the rest of life. If you have bad food, you feel too blah and spotty for the rest of life. Dilemmas.

I’m aware these are all major first world issues and I really need some perspective and to sort my priorities out, but they’re silly things that crop up everyday. Not that I would change my bedroom laundry room, tesco value chicken and puke in the elevator for anything.


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2 thoughts on “15 Things I Miss About My Pre-Uni Life

  1. Hi grace, I have finally found your blog site again (lost entirely by my ineptitude with technology b.t.w ) and have been thoroughly rewarded for the happy accident that got me there. you give a very quirky and yet succinct edge to your thoughts on uni life……….really good fun to read. Please don’t stop, no matter the temptation to indulge in real life…..where you are is where it’s at for now.


  2. This man thinks your blog is a wonderful insight into the complications of your uncomplicated life. I am pretty sure you will sort it out. X


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