Blogging About Blogging

I actually wrote this post on Saturday, but my fave, Hannah Gale spoke so much truth in this post  on Sunday evening, I just wanted to further express my feelings on this topic:

Blogging has been a part of my life throughout my teens and now into my twenties. Whether that be actively participating or just reading. I love blogs, and I love the one-off, unique people.  That’s the biggest piece of blogging advice, isn’t it? Have a voice, be different. Well, I have opinions, stupid stuff happens to me seemingly more than your average person, and I’m not really all that normal. But that doesn’t automatically mean my blog will be an overnight success, or even a ‘success’ full stop.

I feel like blogging has a place within me, but my question is: Do I with it? Are we truly compatiable? Do we have a very-square-peg very-round-hole relationship going on?

I genuinely feel like I should blog, that I’d be good at it and it is something I love doing, so ‘success’ really isn’t what I’m after. I just want to know where I fit. The internet is a weird and daunting place, I must fit somewhere.

I feel like blogging has this super exclusive club, and if you’re not part of it, well then fuck you. That’s not what it’s supposed to be like. And these really cool, interesting people are thwarting others, making them question their own creative content. 

I have very little- if any- intention of ever being a fashion or beauty blogger. I can’t get my eyeliner to match 9 times out of 10, I’m scared of fake tan and I can’t shop to save my life, so there’s no way I could be updating a fashion blog every week. It’s not something I feel passionate about. I want to talk about travelling, I want to tell you the funny woes of my life and discuss books and music and scary adulting stuff. However, I feel like there is no comfortable space for me- or for any other like-minded female- in this amazing blogging community, because we’re not standard. We’re not the typical female bloggers and sometimes that feels like a black mark next to our names. 

This is absolutely, in no way, anything against Beauty/Fashion bloggers. If you feel passionate about it, amazing! You should be able to write about it without any shadow of doubt if you’re opinions are ‘right’ or your photos are glossy enough, if your layout is right etc. 

I want my blog to reflect me; “all coated in sarcasm, dripping with humiliation and sparkling with cynicism,” as I eloquently put it in a previous post. But I also want it to grow with me. Part of the reason it took me so long to start this blog, (and update it often) is because I feel like it should personify this one stable character, and that an audience wouldn’t stick around if I was changing my style. But thats a) unrealistic, b) sounds incredibly boring.

I see myself in two ways. One of these routes, this girl has got her shit together. She’s rocking the twenty-something working girl thing. The other  one has a borderline hippy, come what may vibe about her. I don’t think I want to make any sacrifices. But, can my blog go both ways? Can it adapt from what it is now- from what I am now- to whatever path (ugh I hate that phrase,) I take in life. Will the blogging community allow me to do this?

How do you feel about the blogging community? Do you agree? Tell me your stories!



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