48 hours in Prague

Hello internet beans, remember me?

How ya doing? Good? Good. Me? Oh I’ve been okay, you know, working, went to Prague recently. How was it you ask? Well…

My little voyage over to Czech Republic was quick, but I absolutely fell in love. Prague is unlike any city I’ve ever been to, maybe with the exception of Rome. It’s simultaneously peaceful and nuts, and I can’t wait to go back.

We flew with easyjet, a quick flight from London Stansted to Prague on Monday morning and checked into the Hotel Rott. The hotel was so perfectly located, pretty much IN the town square; we checked in and spent the afternoon wandering around to get the lay of the land. We walked along the river and famous Charles Bridge, and found a market and some really quirky little streets with shops and restaurants. All a bit touristy, but the atmosphere was great. If I’d had my way, we would have wandered around for much longer.

After a spectacular, and complimentary, breakfast in the hotel, we left for day 2. We crossed the bridge into the castle quarter, and climbed up the little streets to the Castle, where we took a break at a Starbucks with a view over the city. The castle isn’t Bavarian, it’s more renaissance and palace-esque. We watched the changing of the guard, which I’m pretty sure is the same everywhere so it’s nothing to get excited about. After, we toured the castle, and went through to St. Vitas Cathedral. Hands down, best cathedral ever. It’s tourist packed and understandably so. The stain glassed windows are so so beautiful. Overall, I preferred the climb and the view from the castle than the castle itself, but that’s not a negative.

We walked through the courtyards, before descending back down the steps to the Lesser Town. The walk down has got the most prettiest views over the river and of terracotta roofs. We went into the Kafka museum, which as a Lit student, I geeked out about. He had such an interesting life, he was like a Czechoslovakian Jack Kerouac. After watching the peeing/penis statue outside for more time than was probably acceptable, we headed back to the hotel for a rest before dinner.

Wednesday we started with a walk to Wenceslas Square, which is the start of the commercial area. Google maps said it was a 20 minute walk from our amazing hotel, but it was only about 5. Unfortunately, they were renovating on it at the time we were there, but it’s a fun street to walk down, either which way. There’s also a Sephora which is obviously worth the trip.

We then went back to the river, via a better look at the town square. The gothic Tyn church is impressive, the astronomical clock however is not. It’s deserving of it’s title of most underwhelming tourist attraction. We took a boat tour, which I loved (despite a child crawling everywhere and certain people getting irrationally irate about it), oh and it came with free beer, so that was a plus! Definitely worth doing a boat ride if you’ve got some extra time, but maybe not if you’re on a mission to see everything. You don’t see anything different or new, it’s just super pretty and relaxing, (obviously sans child).

We took a detour up to the St. Nicholas church. It’s very different from St. Vitas, more ornate and sorta greek, in that it reminded me of mermaids because it was all pink and green and gold, which makes me think of Poseidon/Ariel. I don’t know if it actually has anything to do with Greek gods or anything. And then we went to bloggers heaven, the John Lennon wall. Everyone with a twitter account was there taking outfit photos. If I liked my picture being taken, I would totally have been doing it to. Infinitely worth the 5 minute walk.

We ate dinner at the hotel, which was actually incredible. I shall disclose more details in a food & drink post, to follow shortly, because it was insane. Legit, best three days of food in my young life. I cannot sing the praises of our hotel more. Everyone was incredibly helpful and breakfast was amazing, (but they serve cabbage with their egg and bacon? whats that about?) and the location is absolutely second to none. Oh, and I got to feel like Charlie in Wonka’s glass elevator because they had the coolest glass elevators.

Sadly, Thursday meant check out from our lovely hotel, but I went wandering again, which is honestly one of the best things to do in Prague. The cobble streets and old buildings are beautiful, especially at sunset when all they look like they’re glowing. I loved Havel Market, which was full of just about anything you should ever need, want and desire, including the wowza hollow doughnut type things. You need them. You just do. They’ve got chocolate inside.

Check out my pal, Escaping Essex aka Danielley. Her list of things to do in Prague, is pretty much what we used as a guide around the beautiful little city. Sadly, we didn’t get to do the day trips I wanted to do, so I guess I’ll just have to go back, to mosey around, eating and drinking until I look like Gerard Depardieu.


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