Why Low Maintenance Friends Are The Best


I desperately wanted to title this post ‘an ode to Low Maintenance Friends’ but funnily enough didn’t expect it would get the same pull. But the thing is, you so know the people in you’re life I’m talking about. LMF’s. Easy going Gals. The people that do not care, that you only use your phone for instagram and not for actually contacting people. The sweet straightforward sassy sisters. You know who they are, and after reading this I want you to send a text, saying ‘hey, let’s do something this week’.

When you’re at school, you have all these people you call friends because you see them five days a week, for an upsetting number of hours. Being with people and having people to go out with, or talk to, is always effortless; if you think it’s not, then just wait a few more years and do a little comparison study, because it so is.

Now’s the part where I let you into a little known secret. Gather round and get the tissues ready, because you will not stay friends with everyone. Within a year you’ll realise 90% of the people you considered friends are assholes. Probably fake. Almost certainly not BFF material. However, the shiny 10% will restore your faith in humanity; text you pep talks, talk you down off ledges and become your security blanket, support system and war council.

Now, fast forward a couple of years. You’ve lived some life. You still rock, but you’re busy, oh and probably forgetful. You and your friends are just all doing your thing, and this is the true beauty of the LMF; They don’t care that you don’t text for a day, two days, a fortnight. They don’t care that organising to see each other regularly fails, and sometimes all you can manage is 10 minutes between shifts. They don’t care that you’re poor right now, because you had to pay for car insurance. They get it.

These are the people that you can text in all caps in the middle of the night, or call randomly in the middle of the day, and even when you’re not in constant communication you’re rooting for them.

So, to get back on track; this is a formal and official thank-you; to the people I forget to reply to, (even though I’ve replied in my head), the people I don’t speak to for two months but don’t give an actual shit, the people who humour you when you’re being a teeeeeeeny tiny bit nuts, and the people who you are totally and completely comfortable around.

You need these people in your life. Don’t ever be ungrateful for them. They’re the reason you’re going to make it to that I’ve-Got-My-Shit-Together stage in your life; in fact they’ll probably be at your wedding; telling other people how long you’ve known each other. Countries, time, age and jobs won’t stop you.

So here’s to LMFs. The silent babes of early adulting. Thank-You.




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