Twin Atlantic, Pyramids Centre 14.10.2016

I think the pinnacle of Twin Atlantic, is precisely what my housemate said about them: They seem like a pop-punk boy band, and then you listen to them.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the proud Glaswegian boys in action; in fact I saw them at their crescendo in Brixton last year, a venue and a night that they’d worked towards for a long time and didn’t disappoint. However, Friday night took place in a part-time swimming pool venue and explicitly proved how good these boys are.

The night opened with Fangclub, a band that seem pretty cemented as a support act, and unfortunately held together by their drummer. Next were high energy Pulled Apart By Horses. (Who btw, their lead singer quite literally handed me his guitar in the crowd, which was a bizarre feeling, but by no stretch the oddest thing that happened on Friday).

The stage is taken so casually by the foursome. “Casually” because they look so natural and right up there. Dressed like their album cover, they burst into Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator with energy and front man Sam McTrusty on form. The song is a brilliant example of their punchier, fuck-your-expectations fourth album, GLA.

Unfortunately, You are the Devil was stopped due to an impressive fight exactly to my left, in the front of the crowd. The hiccup just gave an excuse for the boys (Sam in particular) to show their raw and blunt passion about their music, and rock as a whole. They’ve got a good-lad, bad-edge thing about them. Big tune The Chaser united the crowd again as they flowed into some of their older songs, Edit Me, Free and Yes, I was Drunk. 

Sam moves around the, albeit small, stage. But not distractingly so. The audience is focused on him without any tactics. They’re just natural, Sam’s patented left leg wiggle as fancy as it gets. No smoke machine, just lights similar to their album cover and matching Sam’s red shoe-sock combo, (sorry man, you shoved them in my face like 12 times, I couldn’t not comment).

Mothertongue is stripped and nostalgic, and led nicely into Crashland, a song I think Barry McKenna steals the show in, revealing his pretty flawless cello skills. Their setlist is focused on their loud anthems, but I think Crashland is unavoidable and undeniably emotionally performed.

They pick up the tempo for their final songs and McTrusty takes advantage of the small venue rules, encouraging people to behave like their actually at a rock gig. Hold On, Heart and Soul and Brothers and Sisters are belted out by everyone in the room, but still doesn’t even come close to how No Sleep closes the night; with Sam in the crowd, his red foot in my face and the most insane amount of carnage. (For the full video, follow me on twitter). No Sleep is an undoubted highlight of the album, the only word I can think to describe it is ‘belter’.

Proud and Glaswegian, Twin Atlantic’s GLA is about being exactly that, but I think proves where these boys are going. With more throaty riffs, blunt rock instrumentals and surprising high notes, TA are far from being silenced by bigger names around. It’s a rebellious album.

So, at a show that took place in a venue the size of your primary school canteen, and that wasn’t sold out, were a band that made you forget all that. The crowd were alive and fucking rampant, Twin Atlantic are just getting started. You’ve got a band here who can make the smallest, most insignificant venue hum with exhilaration and mimic their Scotish twang. Incredible live, and can’t wait for anything else that comes out of a studio.

GLA is on Spotiy and Itunes now. GLA is also the airport code for Glasgow international.
All bruises and opinions are my own.
Sorry about lack of images, bald security guard and the fact that I’d rather listen to the band means I didn’t take that many. 

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