Third Year So Far…

I’ll set the scene:

It’s a stormy October evening. The heating is finally on and I’m cosily perched on my bed. Lamp on, good music, blankets, the whole sweater-weather doctrine. I’ve had a cute day catching up with my dad. Yesterday I handed in my first assignment of third year, so I’m giving myself an evening of reprieve before I totter back to the library tomorrow. I have a hangover so I’ve had a couple of pity-naps, some biscuits and I’m sitting here wondering what I should do. My mind races, oh the possibilities! (I hope everyone can grasp the sarcasm inflected in those words, because really, I’m poor and very unwilling to move further than the kettle). Then it hits me and I just felt like blogging.

I am making no huge commitments to a come-back, but this year is going so fast and uni is almost over and I wanted to document some stuff. So here we are. Let’s have a little chat about being a third year English student.

I’ll set the scene:

Picture road kill, a caffeine attack, a steaming shit and chuck some Virginia Woolf in there for good measure. Give it a stir and that’s third year, so far. It’s been pretty awesome. Not sarcasm.

(brb, before I give you the full low-down I’ve got to go get my washing out the machine. Glamorous, right?)

When I came back to Portsmouth at the beginning of September, I had spent five full months ignoring university, (love a bit of pressure to make me work). So, I thought I’d spend induction week researching my dissertation, that after much struggle last year, I’d decided would be a linguistic investigation of blurbs. But you know what? Bored me to tears. So I did a shift and changed to a literature dissertation in the first week. It caused a few headaches, but it’s probably been the best decision of 2017, (unless I order pizza in the next hour or so).

I would never have been able to motivate myself for a language dissertation. Although I get better marks in language assignments, I slave over every word I write. I get a mark or two less in literature, but I am motivated, it’s the aspect of my degree I genuinely enjoy and I’d rather have the experience in lit.

So, I spent the first month playing catch up; reading, defining my ideas, reading and oh, some more reading. My initial premise for my lit. dissertation was that I wanted to focus on the trend of neo-historical within literary prize circles. I want to examine prize culture and literary trends because I want to work in publishing. I want to know what they’re looking for. I think it’s a good way to examine lit in the real world.

However, it’s developed into a bit of a social study, too. I started looking for neo-historicals within the Women’s Prize for Fiction, and landed on three post World War texts, and I am now investigating how these texts are reflecting contemporary socio-political issues. So watch this space for more info on that.

Other than my dissertation, I have two units on the go; Time, Temporality and Contemporary Fiction (whose reading list is friggin awesome), and Workplace Discourse. The former is incredibly hard going and I’m nervous about the first assignment, but we’ll see. The critical material is dense, but the primary texts are really interesting; 10:04, There But for The, and Room.

The latter is really quite easy. Sorry if saying that makes me seem like a dick. I probably am. I get to dress up as a tiger for assessment.

My life outside of the library? That has well and truly shat it’s pants. I hang out with my friend and her husband and I love that but I’ve been out-out twice? maybe twice. I’ve been home to work some. Which is cool because I’m desperately scrimping for the post graduation shit storm. I have managed to watch a lot of Suits though.

And that’s it. Third year so far, maybe sprinkle some extra stress over it, but yep. A lot of building of foundations. A lot of reading. A lot of trying to think things through; post-gradution life, dissertations, how units play into the big, dynastic plan. Why does everyone hate Jessica, and will Harvey and Donna ever get it on, etc.




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