4 Breakfast Spots in Southsea

Why is breakfast such a thing these days? Did it come into fashion with Carrie Bradshaw and just not leave? Or did I just become adult enough to realise it’s the best meal to go out for. You can do it hungover. You don’t have to dress up, (but obvs can if you fancy it). You can basically get away with ordering desert AND booze all at once, if you do it right. You’ve got mega options, and it is definitely the cheapest way to eat out.

That’s a bit of tangent. What I was trying to get at is how thoroughly researched this post is. Yep, I slaved over many a breakfast to bring this kind of information to you ready for your weekend jaunts.

Southsea Beach Cafe

Located on Southsea beach (funnily enough) and outfitted as an industrial beach hut, this is an incredibly popular and much loved breakfast spot. You wouldn’t think that a beach-hut-esque cafe could still be warming and just lovely even in winter, but SBC have a seasonal menu, comforting fires and absolutely impeccable service. The menu is hearty and a perfect place to eat after a walk on the beach. I’ll admit to only having eaten breakfast here once, but will definitely be returning ASAP, (they have strong soup game too in case you were interested in lunch).

SBC gets incredibly busy at weekends so booking is almost mandatory, but if you’re feeling spontaneous they serve delicious strong coffee outside so you can wait on the beach.

Garage Lounge

I do sometimes feel not cool enough to eat here. Located on the indie-loving Albert Road, Garage Lounge is an eclectic gem. I’m going to go ahead and admit it’s very hipster, but self aware of their hipsterness and therefore far less annoying. They serve from 7:30am although are better known as a brunch spot, but hey if you really fancy a duck salad at 8am, I fully support that life decision. I highly recommend their Eggs Benedict a thousand times over; classic and simple and totally perfected. Also, if you’re that way inclined, I recommend their Marmite Mushrooms. The portions aren’t small or anything, but I would not judge you  if you ordered both.

I normally associate hipsterness with trumped up prices for very little product, but that is not at all applicable for Garage Lounge who are incredibly good value for incredible quality of food.


So Feed is probably the one on this list that I’ve been to most, because a) hangovers and b) they do a monster breakfast that is a challenge even to my daddio’s appetite. When I say it’s good for hangovers, I mean it has the a ton of full english combinations and they’re big boy portions. They also do pancakes and their pancakes are fiiiine.

The restaurant is actually set in one of the old railway arches, so it’s sort of cosy in there with big shared tables.


The Tenth Hole

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Another one of the most popular places in Southsea and incredible busy on weekends is the Tenth Hole. Located on the oldest pitch and putt in the world, the tenth hole is the perfect place for the type of breakfast that slips into cake and coffee.

They have a vary varied breakfast menu, (unfortunately it’s a bit more restricted at weekends) but I recommend the Eggy Bread or the Sweet Potato Hash. As for the cakes, you just cannot go wrong with anything.

Unfortunately, it does get quite busy and I much prefer sitting outside, wrapped in one of their blankets. You pay for the popularity, so it’s not the best value for money, but definitely still a steal when you compare it to how much a two course dinner is! Simple, to conclude; go (on a weekday if you can), eat, then eat cake.


All thoughts are my own, though many breakfasts have been donated by my father.

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