In Defence of Seeing the Same Band Over and Over

I have a confession, one that those nearest and dearest to me slate me for: I re-watch the same TV shows, I re-read my absolute favourite books, and I repeat certain routines. For someone who gets bored quite as quickly as I do, this seems really rather strange and out of character. Obviously I consider it a nice security blanket.

I don’t just re-watch any old thing. I am actually very cut and dry with shows, books, movies etc. If I don’t like it, I don’t even finish it. Pilot episodes need to make a big impression for me to continue watching. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got 100 pages into a book and decided it wasn’t for me. This means the things I revisit, have to be something special, something extra. That is exactly how I feel about repeatedly going to see the same band. They are always special.

I probably have long term love affairs with 5 or 6 bands. The ones whose entire albums are the soundtrack to little bits of my life, you know? They are measurements of time, of periods of your life etc. Deaf Havana are one of those bands for me, and thus I have seen them live five times and am very proud of it.

(I’m aware I’ve not really got to the point yet, and maybe I’ve been blabbing a wee bit too much, but bare with me I think I’m getting there, folks).

Seeing the same band five times is incredibly relative. I’ve stood in a crowd with people who have seen a band upwards of a hundred times. My favourites are people who have never seen the band before, I’m always so excited for them. Anyway, I promised to get to the point didn’t I? I’m probably focusing too much on the sentimentality (woah didn’t know that was a word) of the band, but it’s so hard to try and convey the awesomeness of the atmosphere of listening to your favourite band with maybe thousands of other people who love the same band. It’s a public excuse to sing like you’re in the car and dance when you can’t dance. It’s borderline biblical.

I’ll try it like this: I get asked a lot why I repeatedly see the same band- or not so much asked as unsubtle inflection when one is saying but haven’t you already seen them? What’s the point, you’ve already done it?

Yeah, I’ve been there and literally got the t-shirt, but it might be a different venue, a new album has been released, there’s a different set list, always a different crowd, I could go on and on. I am invested in this band. They’re the soundtrack to my nostalgia and I want to support them. I cannot express to you enough how important I think it is to support bands, music, culture, art, literature etc. etc. etc.  I think artists that can hold your attention, that you don’t get bored of, or mean anything to you deserve your blooming support. I go to gigs not only to support a band I already love, but I love to find new artists playing support and then go and support them if I like them.

At this point in my life, there’s always emphasis on the cost of repeatedly going to see the same band. It’s always implied that I waste my money and should be more conscientious.  I completely disagree that it’s a waste of money. I understand others’ problems with that; I do not receive anything tangible for the price of admission, (save a ticket- which I do normally save because I’m sentimental, shh!), so what I pay for is just a subjective experience. But I am fully okay with that, even if you do consider it frivolous. Frivolity is what makes life liveable. I’m not bankrupting myself or selling off organs, and I was poor to begin with.

I saw another one of my favourite bands twice within a week in the summer. Once in London, as far from the stage as you could get. Once in Glasgow in the messiest, maddest pit I’ve ever been in. Their set was different and my experience was different. Awesome each time, though.

This was all a big build up to my very short conclusion: I may repeat some of my habits because they’re comfortable or secure, however, going to a gig will never be the same twice. Not even when you go to see the same band. There is always something new, something different in every show. It’s always a little bit more (or at least a different variety of) special. Sort of like how people feel about christmas? They vary but they’re always sparkly. Also, FFS don’t dampen other people’s excitement or enthusiasm for anything. I don’t shit on your cereal when you tell me you’re excited about the coca cola christmas fucking advert.

Soz for the ramble.


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