About Me

I’m Grace. Hello.

I’m a twenty-something, whale-loving, charity shop fanatic. I have some occasional expletive and sarcastic tendencies and a bizarre pre-occupation with interiors and houses.

I recently graduated university, and am currently, yep you guessed it, unemployed. So, rather than re-watch Gilmore Girls for the 124th time and stalk editors on LinkedIn, I’ve decided to revamp my little slice of the internet.

I’ve had many a dabble with blogging before, primarily to self-teach CMS, SEO and to build a portfolio (see ‘hire me’ for more), but I’ve never actually written about the things that interest me the most, books. 

I will be writing about the books I read throughout the year. It will definitely not be a chart-chomping list, but rather about the books I actually want to read as I find them on shelves, in piles and around the world. I might even review an IKEA catalogue, who knows?